Worse than Death.

What is worse than death? Living in an empty world. Death is quick but this is forever. It’s with me now…everywhere, but it is nowhere to be seen.

Running doesn’t help, arguing doesn’t help, talking doesn’t help. Once it embraces it never lets go. Infecting the heart and consuming the brain. So slowly, so slightly, so sinisterly.

What am I? Why am I? Where was…?

Oh god…this invisible, nameless terror, I’ve forgotten what you are. Why would I forget? How could I forget? Don’t think, don’t think…Just do.

You taunt without moving, without speaking, without doing. You are my torturer, blackening the heart and pulverising the brain. But there’s no rush. We have a lifetime together.

It knows no fear. I know it too well. Time is of no use here. The abyss is calling, my arms outstretched, eyes wide. Death is here!

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